Are you prepared for the complexity ahead?

Do you have the tools to drive innovation?

Can you see your direction for the future?



Organizations must innovate to succeed.  Innovation leads to new products, services, business models and new markets.  Leaders that embody creative leadership and drive innovation stand out in a complex world. 

Creativity is the #1 leadership attribute according to global executives.  8 out of 10 organizations see significant complexity ahead, yet half feel unprepared to handle it.  Two- thirds of organizations are implementing extensive innovations.


Innovation tools provide CEOs, leaders and individuals at all levels of an organization, the ability to unleash creativity.

Alan Williams is an award-winning Hollywood film composer.  His 20 years of working in Hollywood qualify him as an expert in the field of creativity and innovation.  As a speaker and leadership innovation expert, Alan provides these tools in a highly engaging multi-media experience, translating his creative process into the 5-Step Innovation Process

Through the universal language of music and movies, leaders learn to unleash their creative potential, to innovate and drive change within their organizations.  This simple 5-step process provides clarity, direction and tools, as an action plan for innovation success.


Creative climate – Create an innovation culture in your organization.

The Innovation Process – Learn the 5 simple steps to innovate.

Generating ideas – Apply brainstorming techniques for clarity and direction.

Why innovate? – Drive innovation in business models.

Creative-collaboration – Lead innovation through pushing vs. pulling.


Applying the 5-Step Innovation Process allows your organization to:

  • find and fill markets
  • meet and exceed competition
  • improve quality and lower costs


Innovation leads to success within every aspect of your organization such as:

Business Models

  1. Your ENTERPRISE MODEL – Reconfiguring your organization to deliver greater value through collaboration.

  2. Your REVENUE MODEL – Changing how revenue is generated through new value propositions and new pricing models.

  3. Your INDUSTRY MODEL – Redefining existing industry, moving into new industry or creating an entirely new one.

Driving Change

Only 24% of organizations use a formal approach to capitalize on change.  As you apply the 5-Step Innovation Process to all facets of your organization, you better recognize, manage and adapt to change.  Your organization will distance itself from competition as you gain market share.


Two-thirds of CEOs are implementing extensive innovations.   Tools are needed to unleash creativity and innovate success.  The 5-Step Innovation Process provides an action plan to yield measureable outcomes.

Leaders in more than 30 countries from global business, education, sales and other organizations have learned and applied this process to leverage strategy, structure and process to successfully stand out in a complex world.

Alan is available for full-day and half-day executive coaching, team and organizational workshops, training events, customized innovation implementation as well as speaking engagements.

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