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  • TEDx
  • Evergreen Consulting Group
  • COC Administrative Retreat
  • COC College Planning
  • United States Postal Council Commission
  • Central Casting
  • College of the Canyons Chancellor's Circle
  • Masters of Excellence—Aruba
  • Masters of Excellence—Curacao
  • Specialized Technology Resource Inc.
  • Cal Safety Compliance Company
  • Kelly School of Business, University of Indiana
  • Coca-Cola Pacific Group
  • OfficeMax/ Asia Office
  • Burberry Ltd.
  • Shuster
  • Macy's Merchandising Group
  • Hong Kong Workers Health Centre
  • STR South Africa
  • College of the Canyons
  • Workplace Internal Regulatory Establishment
  • Reef-Know Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • STR CH Switzerland
  • Comply Tex Ltd.
  • Yee Tung Garment Co., Ltd.
  • WH Smith (Asia) Limited
  • Taiwan Root
  • Otto International Hong Kong Apparel
  • Magnus Textile Services Ltd.
  • Neo-Concept (Holding) Ltd.
  • Community Business Ltd.
  • STR United Kingdom
  • CSCC Indonesia
  • STR India
  • AR & I (Korea)
  • One Step (Vietnam)
  • Bureau Veritas (Indonesia)
  • Kahoindah Citragarment
  • Kyungseung Trading (Indonesia)
  • STR Shanghai
  • Sandang Asia Majau Abadi
  • Sylvi  Francis Design
  • PPF (Indonesia)
  • Global Series Seminar —Los Angeles,
    Vietnam and Hong Kong

Alan and John Maxwell in Aruba and Curacao

"Alan created and delivered customized "change management" training to STR teams around the world. His work helped our leaders manage the ups (lots of work in China) and downs (global recession) of our business these last few years.  Results can be hard to measure on trainings that use words like "empower", "creativity", and "leadership", but I know the training was beneficial because the team used their new management tools to solve their problems locally."

- Greg Gardner, General Manager Responsible Sourcing
Specialized Technology Resources



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