“Alan Williams’ seminar on Creativity & Innovation has helped us motivate our employees, mitigate their fear of change, and encourage them to believe that they can be creative in their work.  Alan’s message transcends cultural boundaries.  He crafts his presentations taking into account the culture and customs of the audience and this technique has proven effective in engaging every one of our employees from Asia to Europe and the Americas.  Alan is helping bridge communication gaps with our employees, he is providing the glue that will help our divisions work together as one unified global company.”

- Wendy Barahona
Strategic Initiative Business Lead

“Alan's tools were easy to implement within our organization.  I'd recommend Alan's services to any company looking to develop creative leaders in their organization.” 

- Claudia Barron, Director of Ethics
 STR Responsible Sourcing

“Alan’s unique perception of creativity and its application to business was praised by all who attended his Creativity presentation. Alan Williams is an inspiration.”

- James Kammer
Kelly School of Business,
Indiana University

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Silverscreen Consulting is passionate about developing creative leaders.  After identifying our clients’ specific goals and training needs, we customize our sessions accordingly.  These half-day or full-day sessions incorporate a wide-array of training methods to ensure maximum participation and learning.  Through the use of film clips, music and unique interactive activities, Alan Williams takes his 20 years of working in Hollywood as a film composer and translates his creative process into a simple 5-Step Innovation Process.  Using current business case studies, group activities and breakout sessions, participants will learn how to apply the Innovation Process to their organization.

No matter the size or location of your organization, we can help you improve your innovation process, mange change and help you become more competitive, profitable and prepared for the future.  With clients in more than 30 countries, the world is our audience.  Let us help you predict your future by creating it today!


  • How to cultivate a creative climate
  • The 5-Step Innovation Process
  • Generating ideas for clarity and direction
  • Innovation in business models
  • Creative-collaboration to lead innovation

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  • State of change in your organization
  • Steps of Creativity
  • Capitalizing on the “change-gap”
  • Creativity in action planning

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Ignite Imagination:  Sparking Your Creativity
Creativity simply is the mental process of generating new ideas or concepts.  IGNITE IMAGINATION is designed to spark the creative process.  As you practice and apply the principles in this book, you will unlock the power of your imagination, light the flame of creativity and unleash your creative potential.  The companion audio download album, IGNITE IMAGINATION:  AUDIO EXAMPLES provides all of the interactive audio exercises.
21 Brainstorming Techniques That Work
Brainstorming is the act of stimulating creative thinking and developing new ideas.  21 BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK will provide direction, focus and the process to creative solutions.  These techniques offer a variety of approaches for individuals, small groups and even large group settings.
Creative Strategies: Thought and Action Tactics
101 CREATIVE STRATEGIES are thought and action tactics to creatively aid your discovery of solutions. Strategize to maximize your outcome.  Change your tactics and you will change your results!

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