Creativity simply is the mental process of generating new ideas or concepts. Any idea, process or product is a result of creativity. IGNITE IMAGINATION is designed to spark the creative process. As you practice and apply the principles in this book, you will unlock the power of your imagination, light the flame of creativity and unleash your creative potential.

Get the companion audio download album, IGNITE IMAGINATION: AUDIO EXAMPLES for all of the interactive audio exercises.

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Brainstorming is the act of stimulating creative thinking and developing new ideas. 21 BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK will provide direction, focus and the process to creative solutions. These techniques offer a variety of approaches for individuals, small groups and even large group settings. Get ready to discover solutions!

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101 CREATIVE STRATEGIES are thought and action tactics to creatively aid your discovery of solutions. Begin with thought tactics to consider focus, direction and strategy. Some action tactics will manifest themselves directly as a result of the thought tactics. Other actions will be determined from action tactics themselves. The sequence of the CREATIVE STRATEGIES is not important. Pick any of the 101 tactics and begin. Strategize to maximize your outcome. Change your tactics and you will change your results!

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